Dressing Room Madness

I use to be the queen of returns. I would purchase something I really love. In the back of my mind I wasn’t sure of it. Get the items home and didn’t like how I looked in it. Not wanting to show my curves so I would return it.

I use to watch how the ladies who worked at the stores would look at my mother and I. At that moment I would be ready to go. Knowing that I was in there for a reason. So I would see something get it not sure of how it looks on me. I would tell myself that once I get it home, if it don't fit I'll bring it back.

While in the stores I would wonder if my mom seen what i seen. Or did she really care about what their eyes was saying? You know some people eyes can tell you what they are saying before they say it. But my mom is strong so because of her I'll stay in the store and get what I need.

So I felt like this as a young adult so you're talking about years of not liking a dressing room. At what age can you remember not liking a dressing room? Was it a little child or even pre-teens? I can remember my grandma telling me about being extra blessed. I was blessed to wear different clothes, I truly thought that because she made them.  Tell me how you feel about dressing rooms. Do you hate dressing rooms and why?

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