Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving loves.


I pray that you have enjoyed your friends and family. Did you eat enough, did you get to fix your favorite dish? LOL I seen a post about mac and cheese, please tell me that it was fixed right in you house?

I must be honest, these last two weeks have been rough for me. Thinking about my mother and how we use to do on Thanksgiving. So I would work and let her have the kitchen because she was the master cook. Lol lol lol lol she was a mess, she would put me out. Telling me that this was her kitchen, man how I miss those days. I started working and I would call every second until 7pm. She would say "You should have stayed home because I can't cook with you calling'. And Mieka you don't want nothing!" I pray that God helps me to endure this pain as time goes on. I pray the same for you also. Whomever you have lost, I pray that you can a way to walk through the clouds. A way to hold your head up high and remember your good times. I can hear my mom saying "Girl whatcha crying for? You betta dry them tears and live". So I challenge  you to LIVE today. Live through the hurt and pain. Live through your ups and downs. LIVE my love LIVE!!!!!


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